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Engage Your Audience In A More Meaningful Way

Through In-App Commenting & Discussions, you’ll have open lines of communication with your audience directly on your show’s platform. You can control the conversation that listeners are already having about your content, and gain insights & feedback from your fanbase all in one place.

Monetize Better With Enhanced Searchability & Shareability

With Instant Transcriptions and Smart Show Notes,
both podcasters and listeners can find and share
moments much easier than before. No need to maintain
your own website or pay for a third-party platform,
Clever.fm is the one-stop shop for your engagement &
outreach needs.

Get Invaluable User Analytics Only Available on Clever.fm

With Moment Highlighting, Note Taking, and Advanced Topic Searching, you’ll get a complete picture of exactly how users interact with your podcast, what topics/sections interest them in each episode, and learn how they found your podcast in the first place.

More Features In Progress

As we continue to develop new app features, you have the opportunity to directly impact the future of Clever.fm by providing feedback about your specific issues.

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Who We Are

We're Solving Podcaster Problems

Meet the team behind Clever.fm, AKA the Youtube of Podcasting

Sean Jetset Photo

My name is Sean, co-founder of Clever.fm and alumni.fm, and creator of the OneHaas Podcast, the first Berkeley Haas MBA podcast.


We’ve had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of inspiring guests in our mission to connect people through stories. But with current podcast apps, you’ll probably never find them because an interview from only 2 months ago is now buried 20 episodes deep…


Doesn’t it feel like there are already too many podcasts out there? But how is that possible? There are only 40m podcast episodes with 1m creators, compared to billions of hours of YouTube with 30m+ creators. But nobody says there’s too much YouTube, right?


That’s why we’re out to solve the podcasting platform problem forever, with Clever.fm.


My name is Survy, co-founder of Clever.fm, 2x tech startup engineer and an expert in agile software development. I lead all things development to build the podcasting app we’ve all been waiting for.

As an avid podcast listener, I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a better way to engage with podcast content and creators on a deeper level — it seemed like common sense. After far too long, I finally got tired of waiting and decided to do something about it.

After teaming up with Sean to better understand the issues that both podcasters and listeners face, we decided it was time to solve the podcast problem once and for all.

Enter: Clever.fm.

Pretty Clever, right?

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